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    I just wanted to let you know that a section of excellence in science is now open in Pondicherry from 9th to 12th standard.
    This special class selects the best students and prepare them to great schools and diplomas, abroad or in India. This is located in a French International School in Pondicherry.

    If you think your children are gifted in science, this is an awesome place to learn.

    For more information, just do contact me:
    Brigitte Maury (0)9443283980 br.maury@gmail.com
    High School website for registration: http://bit.ly/1gSjwJS


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    Thanks for letting me know. I am likely moving to Chennai for the New Year and am currently searching for the best school options for my two kids, 14 and 12 for there if you have any recommendations? From what I have seen so far only the American and German International schools look reasonable. The fees are incredible are course but their happiness in the move is key to success of course.

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