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    Posted by TroyTee

    Hey guys I’m putting this out there in the hope that somebody knows something/someone who can help.

    Does anybody know anything about these SCAMMERS, or at very best, inefficient, promise breaking time wasters?
    L??ng Th? Thúy H?ng
    As General Agency for FedEx
    Toll Free: 1800.58.58.35
    CDN Department
    T 848.39480980 ext 148 | F 848.39484704
    Or about this organisation or about customs in general?
    The Institute of Hygience (sic) and Public Health – 159 Hung Phu Street Ward 8 District 8 -or about customs in general?

    After quite a few days of promising to deliver “this afternoon”
    I receive this message-

    In order to get shipment released from customs, consignee must obtain the certificate of quality from The Institute of Hygience and Public Health and submit to customs for clearance process.
    Please be noted that this issue is out of FedEx control and in hand of customs.

    It is protein, bcaa, multivitamin, I’m practically training without, besides paying top dollar for small scoops of protein and bcaa once a day at the gym. – Trying to fix this drama, time wasting, rest-time missing, and class missing, has reached a point, it has become quite consuming.

    I just want to play bjj,yoga,mauythai,Krav Maga, do some weights and hang with cool peeps. 🙂

    Any help appreciated
    Skype : gentlydownthastream
    Viber : +61459220307


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