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Hi there
My family and I are looking to move to Lesvos ASAP
We are a soon to be married couple with two children 13 & 9
After holidaying on the island for a few years we have decided we want to try living there
We have a pot of about €600k to invest as well as our small house in the uk to give a small income
Truthfully I have read and read on how to move but seem to get more lost by the mounting information (and lack of it)
I thought Brexit was my biggest headache a few months ago but now it’s the bloody Coronavirus standing in our way
Can you lovely lot please help with....
Can I start a business In Greece ( we have tax numbers and already own one house there) ?
The children and I are learning Greek as best as we can with books and apps but they are justifiably frightened by starting school without being fluent. Should they be?
I have an Irish grandparent so will I be a better bet with residency?
Should I be making appointments with embassy/consular?
I have many more questions but feel this post may be too long already ????????????????

Robert Snr.29th May 2020 10:14 GMT

I cannot answer your Greek specific questions. However, I am guessing that you and your family are UK citizens. Living in the EU post Brexit (based on current government attitude towards EU negotiations) may be like pre-EU membership. You probably will not require a visa to move between member states. But that will be about it. As an EU member there are many benefits - although Ireland is currently NOT a member of the Schengen area. So I highly recommend that you get Irish nationality. You can retain your UK nationality too. Then YOUR child/children can apply too. If your husband to be does not have Irish (or other EU) heritage, he and his Child/children (or all of you) could go for the "Golden Visa" route leading to a "green card" that allows free movement and other benefits.
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