Posted by oliverS 9th May 2013 10:06 GMT, 4 repliesFilters: Global Entertainment

Just moved to Singapore from London's really hard to catch up on corrie using you tube or torrent files...does anyone know how to connect to online British channels like itv player, bbc iplayer, 4od ? When you go to the website it say's available in UK only. I heard there is a way around this but couldn't figure it out myself…

abroad10th May 2013 11:59 GMT

Hello, one way you could probably go about doing it is to change your IP address (temporarily) in order to make the player/website think you are in another country. There are a few easy ways to go about this. Doing a quick google here is a site showing how. Good luck!

jeanette11th May 2013 10:37 GMT

Hi, I know that you can't get BBC unless you mask your I.P. address. There are several of them for free online but beware you may get lots of ads and some download unwanted files into your computer.

It's using a system called VPN. Basically you connect to the internet then connect to a private network based in the UK. So the BBC etc see you with a British IP address because they are seeing the private network's internet connection which is based in the UK.

I have been using "uktvaccess" for half a year. Fully satisfied, 4 quid and good speed for UK sites.

Yes, the 4 quid is a bit off putting, but all the free 'IP hiders' I've tried seem to fail, so perhaps one needs to pay something.

Sherri12th May 2013 14:10 GMT

I can confirm this! When using a IP address based in the UK iplayer works just fine. :)

johboy1217th August 2020 20:38 GMT

Hi, No need for VPN I have a TV service from it is a legal service and has UK, German, Portuguese, French, Dutch and Scandinavian channels from 1.99 per month
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