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    My husband and I, both American, are applying for French citizenship. He plans to keep dual citizenship, while I would like to renounce my US citizenship, largely so that I don’t have to file US taxes. But is this possible? Can he file “married filing separately” while I just don’t file in the US at all, since I’ll no longer be required to?


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    Hi, tough one. But this link here seems to explain your question. http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/International-Taxpayers/Taxation-of-Dual-Status-Aliens

    Quote from above link…
    “You cannot file a joint return (However, a dual status alien who is married to a U.S. citizen or a resident alien may elect to file a joint return with his or her spouse. Refer to Nonresident Spouse Treated as a Resident for more information).”

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