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    I’m a journalist working on a story aimed at expatriates on how to build your savings account while maintaining lifestyles in two or more countries (i.e. owning homes, cars, etc. in multiple countries)
    *For those who have double the expenses (I.e. Own homes in two countries for example), how do you save up?
    *When living abroad, how do you avoid the temptation to live like a tourist, spending money on sightseeing and eating out?
    *Any other helpful tips and tricks for saving up when you’re an expat?

    Please let me know if you are available for phone interview on the topic. Thanks

    2 replies

    Good morning,

    Most of that seems like simple common sense. i.e. if you doubled your expenses then you have better double your income or you may not be able to continue that pattern for long. I would avoid temptation by reminding myself that food on the table is the most important thing above all else. Then comes a roof over your head, etc, etc. Unfortunately I don’t think saving money is any different for me or my neighbor 1000 miles away. 🙂

    Sunni Shrm

    If you are trying to live abroad, then you stop being tourist as this is now your home too, thus save money.
    before moving is when you do sightseeing as you are still scouting for place to make it your home, once you moved to the new country you are no more tourist. Just some good common sense can save you money.

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