Posted by Peter Fahrni 6th November 2019 14:35 GMT, 1 replyFilters: Global Tax

Hi there, Expats! I have both a Swiss and American Passport. Earlier in 2019 I relocated permanently from the US to Basel, CH. Tax time gets closer and I really would like to get this right.
Any recommendations for a tax specialist with special expertise with those international agreements would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much, Peter Fahrni

Greenback Expat Tax13th November 2019 15:37 GMT

Hello! Saw your message and wanted to drop you a quick note as we would be happy to help with your US tax requirements (can't file the Swiss returns though). We have many clients living in Switzerland and are very familiar with how income earned there is reported on the US return. To give you a starting point for how it all works, please see the article below.

Let us know if you have any questions! Side note, the US return is automatically extended when you live abroad so you have until June 15th before the 1040 is due. If you owe however, interest will start to accrue after April 15th.

I hope this helps!
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