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    Hi, I ( currently living in Ireland) went to Normandy in September to pay my respects to the WWII D-Day veterans. Bucket List thing. I hired a rental car. I loved the non-aggressive, sedate driving manner of locals and was getting used to “driving on the Right”. Unfortunately, I had a bad accident, and I was at fault. There was a 3rd party injured. It was not too serious, but it needed hospital. Police, Ambulance & Fire Brigade attended. I was brought to hospital, broken collarbone. I had no idea where the police (Gendarme) were from. I had no idea where the car ended up.
    Question: although it was an accident, will I probably end up in Court? If so, any idea how long does it take to come through the system?
    Any advice would be really welcome.

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    Uh! I am not sure about that because even I took help of a good Los Angeles DUI attorney for myself right now. I believe a good lawyer will be able to help you out. Therefore, you must consider taking help for saving yourself. You will always be saved if you didn’t do anything wrong.

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