Posted by manolo7355 30th August 2018 16:00 GMT, 2 repliesFilters: Global Visas

In the application for a family member of an EEA citizen, under section EEA national in Relationship ]details section, question is :

Have you or the EEA national ever been married before or in a long term marriage like relationship?

I have not but my husband was. The next two questions are realy confusing ! It asks :

Where did you live?
When did you start to live together?

WHO ??? Where did I live, or my husband and his first wife ?

If anyone knows what they are asking or had experience with this applications I would greatly appreciate any help.

Jane201828th September 2018 16:41 GMT

I would like to ask the same question EXACTLY...

Difazii_724th December 2018 11:27 GMT
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