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I have an A-2 visa for the US. That is a diplomatic visa. with that visa I am not a US Resident. I am a non-Resident of the US but due that on an A-2 visa I exempt as a Non-US-Resident from the Substantial Presence Test , I am therefore not (NOT) a US-Person. According to the Internal Revenu Service (IRS) I do therefore not (NOT) have to report the IRS on my bank accounts (including investment accounts) held in other countries and neither on the bank accounts held in the US. As an A-2 visa holder I am not allowed to work in the US other than foor the Embassy for which I work. I do not have any business or investment accounts in the US and therefore no income from US source. I am paid in the country of my embassy (of which I hold a passport and do not habe Green Card or US passport ... I have nu dual citizenship. I have only one adress and that is in the USA, no house or address in my country of which I hold a passport. Now my banks in my country close my investment account by stating that I am a US Resident. Mind you, the IRS defines as a resident of the US all those who are US Citizens (have at least the US passport, or have the Green card ! I fight my bank in the country of which I hold a passport from closing my investment account ! Am I crazy or what for going to court by stating that they cannot close my investment account. Anybody here has some advice / experience an identical situation ? The costs of fighting the bank are in the order of magnitude of Euro 50 to 60 Thousand !

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