Posted by Alanwilliamporter 18th April 2017 12:25 GMT, 1 replyFilters: Global General

Hey there.

I'm just wondering if I can vote from overseas (been leaving in Australia for the last 4 years) if I'm not registered to vote in the UK?

I can register to vote online using my parents' address, but will this get me into trouble?


Robin Waterfield18th April 2017 18:10 GMT

I'm in the same boat, living permanently in Greece. Here's a link to an article I found which seems to suggest that, no, we can't vote! That the law is changing, but has not yet changed. On other sites I read that of course we have voting rights (at least as long as we haven't been living abroad for 15 years), but no gives any details, so I'm left with the Guardian article as the most authoritative so far.
Oh, wait a minute, this looks more promising: Then there's a link to a government page where it seems we can register to vote. Yes, I've done it: it seems to work.
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