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    Posted by Danielle , 2 replies

    my husband and I are wanting to relocate our family outside of the USA. We know the kind of lifestyle we want to live and what things are important to us (quality health care and education, weather). We don’t know how to find what countries fit our criteria. Will this website help with this or is there a better place to start our search?

    2 replies

    We are also planning a move outside of USA. I have found this site very useful.


    Chuck Sullivan

    ..in response to the question above, I would encourage anyone ‘ex-pating’ out of the US to travel to several destinations that you have researched online, and live there for at least a season to make sure that’s ‘the place..’ I lived in Australia for a month back in 2006, and new I would be back in my retirement.. I was in several countries in Europe in 2009 and didn’t like any of it.. I’m still looking hard at Ecuador..
    ..Ecuador has a lot of US ex-pats, and very friendly to US citizens.. it is my belief that if you return to the US every so often.. like every 6 months or once per year? you may not need to give up citizenship and passport.. however there are some ‘taxing’ limitations that may need to keep up with..

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