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    Finding anything genuine in China is a real challenge. Trying to find a China internship that is not a scam however is quite easy… Here are the three red flags to watch out for…

    1) The job description does not come directly from the sponsor company = SCAM!

    2) Some third party wants you to pay money for the internship placement = SCAM!

    3) The HR specialist refuses to answer all of your questions = SCAM!

    4) You are told to lie or hide something when applying for your visa

    5) You are told that if hired you will have to pay a percentage of your earnings to a third party.

    Remember that all the genuine scam-free internships are offered directly by the companies that need the interns TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE – No registration fee, No application fee, and No placement fee. For more details see these links:





    2 replies


    Dude, you just saved my bacon with your post! I was looking to intern in China this summer and was talking with a company on Skype in Beijing that claimed to have offices all over the world. But I used your red flags and this company failed 4 or the 5 so I decided to google the com with their name and the word “scam”. Holy Shit! They popped up everywhere. If not for your post I would have been cheated big time! Thanks


    Thanks for the tip. Very useful IMO. China is full of scams and most of them involves brokers, agents, recruiters, or some other “middleman” third party. So go direct to the company where you want to intern and you will avoid the problems. Read up at http://chinainternshipreviews.wordpress.com

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