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    Dear visitors of this forum,

    As part of a research project of the Department of Strategic Management of the University of Hamburg, Germany, we are conducting an academic study on the career-related impact of expatriate assignments upon repatriation. This survey is managed by Anika Breitenmoser (M.Sc.) and further supported and supervised by Dr. Benjamin Bader and Prof. Dr. Nicola Berg.

    In order to assure high-quality results reflecting reality, it is essential to gather information from practioners, people directly affected by the topic. We are therefore surveying repatriates of several international companies from different industries. If you have been on an expatriate assignment either with your current or a previous employer, we would like to kindly invite you to take 10-15 minutes to participate in our survey. By answering a set of questions concerning your last expatriate assignment and the subsequent repatriation experiences, you provide information which is of utmost value to our research. Your participation is greatly appreciated, as it provides valuable support for professional research on a highly important topic in International Human Resource Management. Our survey is a web-based questionnaire accessible through the following link:


    Alternatively, you can copy and paste the survey link into your internet browser. The survey is completely anonymous – we guarantee there is no way to identify you or your organization. The information you provide will be treated strictly confidentially. The data retrieved will at no time be shared with anyone not involved in the research project. It will be exclusively used for non-profit, academic purposes. The summarized results of this research will be published in academic journals with full respect to anonymity of the participating individuals and organizations.

    If you are interested in receiving an executive summary of the research results, feel free to send an e-mail to Anika Breitenmoser (Anika.Breitenmoser@uni-hamburg.de). For further contact details and information on our research, please visit the homepage of the Department of Strategic Management, University of Hamburg (http://www.bwl.uni-hamburg.de/de/stman.html).

    Thank you very much for your participation!
    Prof. Dr. Nicola Berg, Dr. Benjamin Bader & Anika Breitenmoser (M.Sc.)


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    Hi there..!! Just went through all the content of the page.Really helpful..Thanks..Keep up the good work..!!

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