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    Posted by LM

    Hi can anyone help?
    We have lived in Canada for over 40 years and became citizens in the 1990s.
    Hubby renounced US citizenship in 2012. I will renounce this spring.

    We have just sold our small winter place in Florida and complete the sale in March. There will be a small capital gain that we have to pay taxes to the IRS. I still have my SSN; hubby still has his SSN in relation to receiving a small monthly payment from SS (as do I).

    When we complete this small sale, should he use his old SSN or does he have to get a new (post-renunciation) ITN?

    I’ve written to several experts via the web but have gotten contradictory answers. Some say your SSN stays with you forever while others say a SSN post-renunciation is ONLY used in relation to SSN payments but otherwise you have to get a new ITN.

    Anyone had experience in this regard or know for sure?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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