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    Posted by steff , 3 replies

    while ago a number of expat friends told me about a system they were using to access UK TV on their laptops…. can’t remember exactly..and can’t contact them anymore. those using it felt it worked really well, but I haven’t seen anybody here using it or even mentioning it…..can someone please go through the steps I got to take and any trusted recommendations will be appreciated!
    and maybe the techies can give us a run down on the pros & cons of it…. preferably in non-techie English?

    3 replies

    I know that you can’t get BBC iplayer, ITV player unless you mask your I.P. address.There are several of them for free online but beware you may get lots of ads and some download unwanted files into your computer.Had loads of problems with expat shield so I don’t recommend it and I have to admit that it’s pants.It almost crashed my computer.I like to relax when I’m watching TV but unfortunately most of the free ‘IP hiders’ I’ve tried seem to fail and others are just plain rubbish full of adds and pop ups.
    I have been using “uktvaccess” for half a year. Fully satisfied, 4 quid a month, good technical support and good speed for UK sites.It’s using a system called VPN. Basically you connect to the internet then connect to a private network based in the UK. So the BBC etc see you with a British IP address and you surf the internet as if you are in UK, because they are seeing the private network’s internet connection which is based in the UK.


    You can try Adtelly.tv for both access to the US and UK telly. I watch on my ipad via the FilmON Plus app and we have the sky satellite (live outside the UK but in Europe) and couldn’t live without it at this point along with having an Apple TV to get movies. Good luck!


    I have been searching everywhere for a solution for this (my son loves English TV and my youngest loves Teletubbies). Thanks Nessa, signed up to uktvaccess like you said and even got my soaps.

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