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    I am an Australian student, currently finishing my diploma of Business Administration in Australia. I aim to move to Singapore by mid-February as my boyfriend lives there, but do not know if my diploma will be able to secure a job there before that time.

    I am worried I will not be able to stay there long. Is it possible to get a job first a simple coffee shop (I have barista training) or something first, in case I cannot secure a job as an Administrator, and then apply for an Employment Pass then?

    Otherwise, what are other ways in which I can stay in Singapore for a long period of time (8 months approx. per year) while I look for work? I intend to apply for University there next year, so unfortunately cannot obtain a student visa.


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    I heard getting a work visa in Singapore is getting increasingly difficult these days. They do not like foreigners anymore.


    best way is to check this link http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/work-permit-f…

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