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    Good morning,

    I apologize if this in the wrong section. I couldn’t find the “introduce yourself” section. I would like to thank the Admin for the wealth of information on the subject of, as you know, living abroad. I have traveled quite a bit when I was younger. However, never staying anywhere permanently, except for my home in California. I hope I can give back a little in return for all my up and coming questions I will surely have before my big move to Norway. Exciting and nerve racking. There are just so many things to consider before you pack shop.

    Take care,
    Ted 🙂


    2 replies


    welcome. How is the move to Norway going?

    Kathy P

    Hi I’ve been in P.R. China since October and am staying on for several years. There are so many things to consider when you do this and I have left my partner at home to keep the home running so it is even more difficult for us. I am looking for a better job so if anyone out there Knows of anything going I am an MA ceramics graduate from UK. I am teaching ceramics and English at present.

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