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    Good morning,

    My company has me moving to Norway for about 1 year. O my. What do they even speak there – Norwegen? lol. I guess I’ll just automatically pick up the more common phrases like coffee, food, etc. Anyone been to Norway? And either way, do you bother to learn the language if only temporary? If so, any quicker/easier ways to do so?



    3 replies


    Even in countries where the native population can speak in your language, there is so much you can miss if you don’t speak the local language. And there is so much to be gained if you give it a try. Not only do locals appreciate your effort, you can do your job and live your life that much better.



    I would always learn the local language – it makes your life a lot more interesting

    David Lee

    Definitely yes. Why go there if you don\’t plan to partake in their language and customs? I actually had a police Chief chew me out because i was lazy to learn simple Malay words that all the locals use. He was right I was just being lazy.

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