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In the March 2016 issue of "International Living" ( there is an article (page 23) which said "the high health insurance rates for Non-EU members maybe going to change. That there is a new law that allow foreigners who are living in France on a "regular and stable basis" to apply for French healthcare after three months". Do you know anything about this? We are Americans and have a farm in Cantal and we would love to be able to live there all year. Under the current system the cost of private health ins. this is not feasible for us. Thanks for any information.

Glenn Swanson

Susan Z.17th March 2016 20:10 GMT

We saw the same article; we plan to retire there in a few years and are hoping that things will be better by then. Do you mind if I ask how much you currently pay? We are wondering how much to allocate; one American woman who lives in Paris and is in her 50s told us that rates "aren't bad," but I don't know what that means. Any info. you could provide would be appreciated.

Susan & Tom
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