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    Posted by Aaron

    In the last year I have become sold on the idea of traveling the world. To start I want to live in China for a year or two (maybe more I’ll see how it goes). My reason for this is I’m really interested in their culture, as it is extremely different from western culture. I want to fully immersed into their culture and the only way to do that is to live in it. I am thinking of doing this after college (2 1/2 years away). That way I’m still young enough to be impressionable yet smart enough to fully learn from my experiences. All while challenging my ideas and pushing myself. Here’s my problem, I don’t know what to do in the meantime. I’m the kind of person who once they get an idea doing something new in their head they can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve googled almost anything I can think of related to moving to China, I’ve bought books, looked at where I might want to live (not a ton of luck there), watched documentaries, watched movies, started learning Manderin (at least started then lost some motivation as it’s hard to understand if im saying it right), and so on and so on. Is there anything, that those of you who have moved to China (or other countries), could think of for me to do to prepare? Mostly it’s so far in advance that I can do any hard preparation (looking at apartments, looking at plane tickets, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m dying from anticipation!

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