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    Posted by Bernardo

    Not all surprises in life are bad ones. Most people are misled to believe that to get a Fortune 500 China internship you have to pay big bucks to some boker allegedly with “connections”. Rubbish! In fact you can do it all yourself for free with a couple of phone calls to Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou. The genuine MNC and Fortune 500 Internships in China are free for the asking depending upon your language and computer skills along with your availability. Some companies take interns all year round and some do not.
    The only way you find out is when you email your resume into the HR staff with your inquiry.

    There are no placement, registration, or application fees of any sort. You will however have to pay for your own plane tickets. If any company or recruiters asks you to pay any up front money for an internship or even a job – RUN far and fast. It is a scam. See http://chinascamwatch.org and http://eslwatch.info/. for details about China scams

    For more information on getting your own FREE China internship just visit http//chinainternshipreviews.wordpress.com. Bon Voyage!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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