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    Posted by Epsilon,  2 replies

    Working in the IT I want to move to China.
    Now, I could apply for jobs directly,
    or I could first quit my current job (I have savings)
    and move to China for the purpose of a language course (2-6 months, I don’t know).

    Does the latter option help with Job applications?
    Which option would you choose and why?
    And: Is it still the same legal situation, which is that the Employer has to pay to the government for a working permit?

    Thanks for any ideas!


    2 replies


    1) you will not be able to learn anything in the Chinese language in a few months, except the very basics. If you want to learn Chinese, first start at home. If you are an English speaker, Chinese is extremely different from anything you currently speak and write.

    2) it’s never a good idea, wherever you are located, to quit your current job and take a flying leap into the unknown, even if you have “resources”.

    3) you say you are an “IT” professional. Then just apply DIRECTLY to the HR departments of companies that have offices in China. Never go through an intermediary. The good jobs are handled by the HR departments, they don’t need a third party. You will get a good salary, possibly added perks like a housing allowance, health care, and cost of living adjustments (COLAs) – whatever you can negotiate for yourself.

    In other words, get a job in China from home, then move there and learn Chinese. You need to do a lot of research from home if you want to avoid being scammed and in order to get a good paying job in China. That’s my take on your question, hope it helps.


    Of course! At least you should learn some daily Chinese, if you want to learn Chinese, check out this link

    In China, most IT personnel could speak some basic English, but not good.

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