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    With Chinese parents complaining that expat teachers cannot even write a single email without spelling and grammar errors in their own native tongue of English, there is now pressure mounting on the Ministries of Education and Labor to require a special IQ Test requirement for all new-hire expat teachers. A sample test was already given to 2,000 volunteer ESL & TEFL teachers in Beijing, and only 32% of them passed with a score of 80 or more! There is even talk that even teachers already working in China will have to take the test after the Spring Festival break.

    Considering that 69% of the China Foreign Teachers polled by the CFTU indicated that they never taught any subject to any student before arriving in China. More information about the new testing requirement can be found at http://scam-detector.com/forums/forum/employment-scams/259-do-china-foreign-teachers-really-now-require-an-iq-test-yes

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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