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    Posted by garett tayler,  2 replies

    I am a retired US citizen currently living in Thailand. I would like to live part of the year in the Vancouver area. Are there restrictions on this situation?


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    My gut tells me yes, Google agrees. 🙂 Yahoo answers says…


    “You can stay up to six months without a visa, providing you can prove financial resources to support yourself during that time. And you cannot work in Canada.

    If you want to work in Canada, then you MUST get a work visa. You cannot work on a visitor visa.

    Official Visa/Immigration website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/

    Good luck! My hubby is Canadian, I am American, we met online also, and are living in Canada. :)”


    You are right you can live 59 days cross the border to the USA for 1 day and go back into Vancouver for another 59 days. Without visas.

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