Posted by Kirsten 19th January 2013 03:43 GMT, 3 repliesFilters: Canada Visas

My family is interested in relocating to Canada. I cannot find any information which relates to our situation.

We are American citizens. My husband works remotely from home in the technology field. He wants to keep his job (based in the U.S.) while living permanently in Canada. This would be easy as his employer has no central office, hence we are able to live wherever we please. I am a stay-at-home mom to our three young children.

According to the information I have been able to find thus far we don't seem eligible to move to Canada on a permanent basis unless he is planning on working for a Canadian company.

Is it possible for an American family to gain permanent resident status in Canada while working for an American company?

We are interested in moving to Ontario or Saskatchewan.

Thank you,


BlackBart11th February 2013 19:10 GMT

Create a Canadian company that your husband will work for. The income from the usa job becomes the income for the Canadian company. Talk to a Canadian lawyer who works with international companies or expats. I am sure your situation is not unique.

DinkerGiggles7th March 2013 00:22 GMT

Have you found any new information? I work from home with my own business and my husband would be looking for a job after we move and are settled. From what I read you need to have sponsorship before moving.

Sue16th July 2015 08:10 GMT

It's so hard to get residency in canada they are so strict but what u can do is live there for 6 months and cross boarder for one day and go back. It's like a vacation home.
Another way is to find job professions they are short and in need of and go to school for that in which u can obtain a education visa
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