Posted by gibby225 7th February 2018 17:47 GMT, 1 replyFilters: Canada Visas

hi....male from UK married Canadian woman while on a tourist visa needs guidance with a spouse visa......finds Canadian immigration site too complicated.....kind of needs an idiots guide........cheers :)

Fay Gallagher19th November 2018 19:56 GMT

Yes paperwork very complicated but doable. an immigration specialist in Toronto but cost a couple of thousand pounds. You should be able to chip away at the forms and find help with checking forms once you feel completed. Start a file. There is also a video on Can government website.You would apply for spousal visa. New as of July is biometrics.$85. There is also a fee for medical and a fee for police check all done in UK. The first hurdle is the sponsor approval. That takes approx 3 months after submission. I hope this info has been a bit helpful.
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