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    Posted by Eli99 , 2 replies

    Hi All,

    I am hoping to move to Canada in a few months on a 2 year working holiday visa from Australia. Was wondering if anyone knows how to get customer service/administration jobs in Canada and whether they accept international applications or do you need to be there already?

    Does having an Australian accent count as a bad for applying for customer service jobs in Canada?


    2 replies

    Yes you can get customer service/admin jobs if you have a valid visa (and if you have a lot of time left on it it’s better)
    Craigslist.ca is a big one for job search. Your accent may or may not be an issue, all depends on if people can understand you (speak slowly and make sure to enunciate and you should not have to many issues).
    As for international application i guess it will depend how progressive the company you are applying for is.
    They may want to do a skype interview. I guess you just need to apply and then take it from there.
    Good luck! 🙂


    As far as I know, if you renew your work visa you should have no problem and your accent for work will not be problematic.
    I answered most of your questions about how long ago I had seen a job advertisement from a plumbing company that I thought was a job training course.

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