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    Hello i am wondering about the pros and cons of giving up the citizenship of your country of birth and relinquishing your passport of your home country.
    Also applying to a new country for citizenship. The country i may move to permanently may be the province of Ontario in Canada. Although i see Canada as a sister country to the United Kingdom i am sure that there
    may be many differences and entitlements may be different particularly when it comes to health care / child care / retirement and elderly. etc
    I am already aware that their taxation system is different and do the goverment help with benefits such as
    childcare / disability and retirement pensions.?
    Would be grateful of any help / information on any of these items, Thankyou very much.


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    I am planning on doing the same thing this year. I am moving to Canada because I no longer want to be a US citizen. I have not lived in the US since 2003. I have no home there nor any family. So I have decided to renounce my citizenship, all I need is a Canadian passport so I can have a country to call home.

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