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    Posted by Fernando , 1 reply

    International HHRR Company is looking for full bilingual or native english speakers residents in Buenos Aires.

    The company operates in forty countries giving professional support in the whole process of search and selection of Human Capital, being Buenos Aires the location that serves the Americas.

    This is a real opportunity for developing your communicational skills, helping other people to find the jobs they always wanted to have. Positive attitude, fast learning ability and excellent communicating and persuasive skills are required.

    If you are older than 21, have residence in Buenos Aires Metro Area and willing to work in a friendly environment that pushes up your natural talents and gives state of the art training, please send your résumé in English (preferably) to the e-mail address below.

    Previous experience in HHRR Recruiting in other areas, working for an International Company or Call Center serving English speaking locations is a plus.
    Working location: downtown BA
    Full time hours: 11 – 20hs, 12 – 21hs or 13 – 22hs
    Foreign residents must have local CUIL issued by immigration authority.

    Send résumé to jobsearchba1@gmail.com, we will be receiving résumés until September 13th inclusive.

    Requisitos que deben cumplir los postulantes:

    Indicar remuneración pretendida (excluyente).
    Lugar de residencia: Capital Federal, GBA Norte, GBA Oeste, GBA Sur
    Estudios: Universitario, En curso, Graduado
    Idioma: Inglés nativo o bilingüe (excluyente)

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    whats the salary? Is this position open for people currently not living in Argentina?

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