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    Posted by Cecilia , 5 replies

    My husband and I are moving to Brazil with our 2 kids, age 11 and 6. There is no international school where we’re going, so we’re thinking about homeschooling our kids. Having never done that before, I don’t know where to start:
    – is there any special organisation that provides support?
    – which books should I be using?
    – what do we need to do when we go back to the US to reintegrate them in the “normal” school system?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


    5 replies
    Mel Kelly

    I would recommend The Calvert School in Baltimore, Md. http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/. It is a very good curriculum with everything you will need to successfully teach/guide your children in the box that the school will send you. The school es very helpful and will explain everything to make sure the children stay on grade level and get the proper school credits.

    Good luck!


    Thanks a lot! Very useful. Have you used it yourself?


    I am using a Christain based home school curiculum ACE advanced Christain Education. This is my first year my son is 8 and he is adjusting. I took this up as we my son and I are not sure where we are going to end up. I hate the cold winters here in the US and the cost of living has me making trips to Asia South America we just have not find that right place we both like.

    Cost wise you can go with the International schools but I paid around $900 US for the whole program, They ship you the books and you do the test and it is my first attempt at doing this myself but the hardest thing is keeping a 8 year old son interested. I wish you well and this is just my own experince I do not know what you are able to do. It takes a lot of attention and interaction but it is rewarding. The cost of the international schools are high for me but in the end it is what you put into it Wish you well.


    Hi Cecilia,

    I would urge against home schooling. Working with kids all my life I have seen the direct correlation of how different children are raised different and the personalities the manifest from this difference. While home schooled children are usually more polite and calm, they do lack serious social skills needed for life. The world is not fluffy bunnies and a calm and quite 15×15 room. As you know the world is quite more than that. And children need to prepare themselves for this. Just as if you were to wake up one day and all of a sudden had 3 small children to care for it would be shocking. But if you eased into it and had one child at a time over the coarse of a few years it would be just fine to you. Same with your kids. You can’t shield them from the at times harsh world as it is.


    I am with Sherri on this – my eldest was homeschooled a few years and it didn’t work out

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