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I am au pair in Belgium from 10th of february in 2012 till 9th 2013. During this year I followed intensive Dutch lessons here. I am on the 4level.
I would like to start studying in September but I don't have any information how to extend my vizum and work permit that to start preparation year of studing here in Belgium.
(the Armenian ambassy in Brussels doesnt answer the phone for over a week now)
The datum of my ID ends on the 8th of March. I don't know where do I need to apply for the extention of visum.
Please, help me with an advice.
I have a boyfriend from Rotterdam and he can pay for the deposit.
And also the family in Belgium where I worked as an au pair can proof for me.
I need to know where can I apply and what kind of papers I need.

George21st January 2013 15:13 GMT


"All visa extension questions must be addressed at the municipality in your place of residence in Belgium. For work permits the employer is responsible for seeking the extension, especially for the B visa which allows for a 4 year extension. In general, C permits that are granted for au pairs, domestic workers, agricultural workers and other temporary positions are not renewable."

This information is taken from our Brussels expat city guide:

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