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    Posted by Maria Cruz,  1 reply

    I am moving to Atlanta next Summer (2016). We are still looking for a house to rent, how to deal with the car, if we are transporting our household and how, and most important of all, how should I deal with my Portuguese son of 17 years old when arriving in the USA. He is fluent in English but because he is in Holland for 2 years, he doesn’t have any diploma or certification. My son is very intelligent and he could follow an university degree. I myself have an university degree (Business).

    Could he still make it one year in the high school in the USA, so he can follow a superior degree?
    I have almost 46 years old, will I be able to get a job there?


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    Jon Smyth

    Hi Maria,

    As an international student, your son will be accepted. However, he will have to take the S.A.T (College admissions exam) https://sat.collegeboard.org/home

    Best of luck in Atlantia

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