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    Posted by Esther Doucet, 2 replies

    I am a freelancer and work completely online, earning either US dollars, Euros, or Australian Dollars most the time. I will be moving to Rosario, Argentina in December and would like advice on the best way for me to exchange my earnings (which go to my Paypal account) into ARS. I’m concerned with safety but would also like to get the highest exchange rate possible and am willing to risk taking advantage of the blue market. I know it’s impossible to withdraw USD cash from ATMs in Argentina (or so I’ve heard) so what would my best options be? I don’t want to transfer the money from my US bank account into an Argentine bank account as the exchange rate wouldn’t be nearly as good. Any advice or leads on exchange sites would be extremely helpful.

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    Peter Awden

    Your best bet will probably be to open an account with a famous “cueva”. Most of these are in Buenos Aires. you could then transfer dolars to the correspondent bank of your cueva and they could exchange them in Argentina for pesos. These are dicey operations at best so it would be good to do them in a cueva that has been suggested to you by a local.
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    You might want to check the exchange rates, but you can have a paypal balance in foreign currency. I transferred some money to euros when I was traveling through europe because the exchange rates were better than what I could find in the city. I have a debit card associated with paypal so I would use my credit card to make purchases. That is assuming that most places take credit/debit cards there. I have never been to Argentina, only Europe and the Middle East.

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