Posted by Kiki 15th February 2017 12:34 GMT, 0 repliesFilters: Amsterdam Accommodation

WANTED: room in an apartment / house shared with (young) professionals (25-42y). Max 800 euro per month. From the end of February 2017 onwards.

I do tech projects. This means that I'm sometimes busy at home on my macbook. Sometimes you can find me in a coworking space.
Cat lover at heart. I've traveled a lot, so I don't have any cats myself.
I'd be extremely happy to live in a house where there's cats I can take care of.
YES to: Game nights. Netflix-candles-tea-cookies marathon.
The house will be clean with me in it and I always pay rent on time.
I believe in focusing on the positive and appreciating what you have.
I've had my own place but I love living together with likeminded people and creating a home feeling the most.

Replies with offers which differ from the description above are also welcome :)

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