Tuesday 14th October 2014

Barcelona Expat Day

Next week on Saturday 25th October the city of Barcelona is hosting an expat day at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona. With free registration expats living in Barcelona will be able experience a unique opportunity to obtain all the information and contacts you need so you can settle down and live in Barcelona. In just one day you will have the chance to find out about expat associations and clubs, service suppliers, experts and other expats in the city. They are expecting:

  • New arrivals and veterans…
  • Entrepreneurs, executives, workers, students, researchers and anyone who is just enjoying a gap year…
  • Those who come with their families or alone…
  • Those who have come for a few months or settled down permanently in Barcelona.

The event runs from 10am till 7pm with events and workshops taking place in English and Spanish. There will also be activites for families and children.

Read the full article: http://iambarcelonian.barcelonactiva.cat/en/

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