Tuesday 1st September 2009

Expat Events Around The World: Europe

If you’re an expat looking for an opportunity to network or meet new friends in Europe then consult our guide to what’s going on in this part of the world.

France, Paris: American Club of Paris
Provides an opportunity for Americans expats who live and work in and around the Paris area to meet and network on a regular basis. The club holds monthly luncheon meetings as well as occasional cocktail and dinner events.

France, Paris: Kunveno
An expat group that is open to any expatriates living and working in Paris. Membership of the club is free and the club organizes a large number of different events, some of which occur on a weekly basis.

France, Paris: Jim Haynes’ Sunday Night Dinners.
An expat group organized by Him Haynes himself, which meets every single Sunday in restaurants and venues throughout Paris.

France, Paris: Swedish/Norwegian Circle
An expat group that is primarily targeted at people who are originally from Scandinavia. They meet on a weekly basis at various venues throughout Paris.

Germany, Berlin, Munich:
The toytowngermany.com website details regular expat events that are taking place throughout Germany.

Italy, Rome: Expats Living in Rome
An English-speaking international social network run by expatriates living and working in Rome. The group meets regularly for social events, language exchange and knowledge sharing. Newcomers are always welcome.

Spain: Costa Del Brits
A British expat community for those living and working in Spain. The group meets on a regular basis and offers members a large number of social and education events.

Spain, Madrid: The Madrid Expat American Meetup
American group that meets on a monthly basis. Further information can be found by emailing them at the following address:
Event Details @ meetup.com

Switzerland: The Anglo-Swiss Club, Lausanne
The club offers a program of social events for all English speaking expats who live in the Lausanne, Montreux and Lake Geneva areas. Contact the Club President for further information about the club and future events: david.willingham@tetralaval.com

United Kingdom, London: The London Expat American Meetup Group.
An expat group that is primarily formed of Canadians, Americans and those interested in North American Culture. The group gets together on a regular
basis to provide networking opportunities and exchange experiences. People from all backgrounds are welcome including professionals, international students and long time residents.

If you are aware of any expatriate events that take place on a monthly basis around the world that you believe we should feature then please contact us with further details.

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