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As a global nomad or expat, it is vital to be prepared for medical emergencies & ongoing care for you and your family. We recommend getting a tailor-made expat health insurance plans adapted to your expat needs and budget and enjoying your time abroad stress-free.

Get a quote from one or several of the providers below and you will get a quote online via a secure server & be able to apply for international health insurance online! Remember that you can save your quote and the final premium & coverage is subject to the insurance company’s underwriter decision. Some plans are not available in your current or destination country. You can apply if you are already abroad or leaving in the next 45 days.

Cigna Online

Cigna is the most respected and well-known global insurance company for expatriates and global nomads. Their plans are great for expats who want excellent service and lifetime coverage for expatriates. You can either include or exclude coverage for the USA. You can choose from three levels of coverage to match almost any budge and add out-patient, wellness, evacuation and even dental coverage to the base of hospital coverage.

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The Allianz Worldwide Care plan is another high-quality global medical plans for expatriates & global nomads residing in select countries outside the USA & Canada. You can limit the coverage area to Africa, global excluding the USA or global including the USA.

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Wants an international health insurance plan for American expatriates only and is administered using HIPAA guidelines from GeoBlue.  Coverage up to age 75 and provides lots of options for future or current American expatriates.

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The Integra Global expatriate health plans area great choice for global nomads & expatriates who want a nimble and creative policy from a European provider. They offer lots of coverage options for expats and global nomads. Their plans are available for purchase online with a variety of options.

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