New Zealand expats are proving to be successful abroad

According to a survey made by Kea the expatriate network for New Zealanders more than 50% of New Zealand expats are making more than $100,000 (NZD) per year.

Over 12,000 of its members responded to the survey and some interesting traits were revealed by the answered received.

Pay rates for New Zealand expats are highest in the Middle East, South Asia and North America. This is broadly inline with global trends though generally high level of education of that New Zealand expats have (80% have a tertiary degree) seems to increase their earning potential globally.

Australia is still by far the most popular location for New Zealand expats with the United Kingdom (more popular with young expats) and North America (more popular with older expats along with Australia) roughly tied for second place, Europe and South Asia are a distant fourth and fifth.

New Zealanders abroad are very proud about New Zealand and recommend it to other people as a place to visit only 46% think they will actually return to live there. They feel the lack of career prospects and overseas family commitments will hold them back from returning and whilst the current government has been making efforts to stop the brain drain its policy now seems to be to make New Zealand more attractive to migrants. The opposition party is concerned though that the government isn’t doing enough.

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