More and More Brits Seek Better Lives Abroad

Recent research indicates that increasing numbers of Britons are leaving the United Kingdom in search of a better quality of life, despite the fact that many do not have jobs lined up in advance.

According to figures supplied by multinational recruitment firm Antal International, 347,000 people left British shores in the year to September 2012, 8,000 more than the previous figures year on year. Of the 201,000 that quit Britain for overseas opportunities, just 128,000 had already secured work in advance, with the remaining Brits relocating on the chance that they would find a suitable job once they had relocated.

Although a survey by Antal indicated that job prospects in the UK have improved, it seems that British citizens are still lured by better opportunities abroad: “With the global economy showing sporadic signs of improvement, it’s encouraging that levels of managerial and professional recruitment have begun to creep up,” said Tony Goodwin, CEO of Antal. He added, “Many figures in this latest survey suggest that there are green shoots of employment positivity.

“It is perhaps difficult to create a complete picture, but reports from our network suggest that, having gone through an elongated period of doing more for less, many businesses are keen to refresh their senior level talent pipelines and gain further competitive advantages with new skills.

“It will be interesting to see how these figures compare in the next quarter, but for now, it seems a positive future could be on the cards.”

Antal’s findings are supported by recent research by Lloyds TSB International, who found that of the 33% of expats who relocate due to career and professional reasons, 70% are successful in their bid to earn more overseas than they did at home.

If you wish to sample life overseas, it is crucial that you perform adequate research in advance. You will need to ensure that you secure a visa that permits you to search for work and/or enter into employment in your host country and should make sure that you have adequate health coverage and insurance in advance. Our expat guides contain everything you need to know about living in a given location and provide all the information you need to make sure you make the right decision before taking the big step of moving abroad. Be fully informed!

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