Brits Search for Work Opportunities Abroad

Brits Search for Work

Increasing numbers of British citizens are leaving the United Kingdom in order to take advantage of work opportunities overseas according to new research.

A recent survey carried out by Lloyds TSB International established that 30 percent of workers who have left Britain have done so in search of positions abroad. This represented a 3 percent increase from last year’s figure of 27 percent.

Although life overseas is appealing, many Brits opt to settle in countries that offer English as the primary language, with 17 per cent of UK expats relocating to the USA, 16 per cent choosing Canada and 12 per cent favoring Australia. Of those leaving the UK for opportunities abroad, 10 percent work in technology, 8 percent work in financial services and 8 percent are in manufacturing.

Discussing the outcomes of the research,
 Richard Musty, Lloyds TSB International private bank director, commented: “In today’s difficult employment market there is a trend for people to relocate to different countries for work. The financial services and manufacturing industries, both of which have been impacted by a challenging economic climate, stand out in terms of the number of people moving abroad for work.

“However, employers seem to be aware of the challenges and it’s encouraging to see the extent to which they are prepared to help facilitate the move. Significantly, 55 percent of our respondents were offered a moving allowance, with a further 50 percent offered help with housing costs and 43 percent flights home.”

Within their research, Lloyds specify that it is economic reasons that have driven British citizens to expatriate abroad. Inflation and stagnant wages have led many British workers to apply for jobs abroad in order to improve their standard of living. Of those that have left UK shores, 68 percent told Lloyds that they earn more in their host country than they did in Britain and 54 percent revealed that they are financially better off since they moved abroad.

Musty added: “While the global employment market remains in a state of flux, it’s essential that, when people are moving specifically for a work assignment, they are offered the necessary levels of advice and support to ensure a smooth transition.”

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