Australia Needs Expat Talent

Australia will be increasing the number of work permits issued to skilled workers from overseas in 2013 in a bid to fill the current skill gaps in the finance, healthcare, and mining industries.

According to recruitment consultants Hays, expatriates who have the right skills may find that 2013 is their year for migrating to Australia and that this year will see a rise in opportunities for educated and experienced talent from abroad.

Discussing the opportunities that lay ahead, Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia, commented: “We expect that businesses will also have to rise to the challenge of sourcing candidates from overseas and becoming more diverse as we see candidates remain in the workforce for longer due to our aging population.

“Skills shortages are also expected to continue to be an issue in certain sectors such as healthcare and IT.”

It is anticipated that there will be a strong demand for expatriates with skills in accountancy and IT as well as mining professionals who have skills in engineering, surveying, and maintenance.