Beijing Expat Expo Starts Tomorrow

Living in a country like China can be very difficult for many expatriates. The densely packed immense cities can be an assault of the senses and very few expats relocate to this part of the world without experiencing some type of culture shock.

Help settling into life in cities like China is almost a prerequisite and those who are struggling to adapt to life in the city may benefit from attending this year’s Expatriate Services Expo, which will be held in Beijing.

The 4th annual Expatriate Services Expo will be a three-day extravaganza that will run from the 14th September until the 17th September in Sanlitun Soho. The exhibition will feature a range of expatriate service providers including health insurance professionals, movers, real-estate agents, schools and other businesses that offer expatriate-specific services for expatriates who live in Beijing. With over 180,000 foreigners living in the city it promises to be an interesting and well-attended event.

While the thought of spending a weekend at an exhibition may not appeal to some, the event’s project manager Lily Liu informed the Metro Beijing that the event will be far from dull: “The Expo is more than a business exhibition. Rather, it is an international cultural carnival for all expatriates and local high-end individuals in Beijing,” she said.

Indeed, it appears that there will be plenty of activities on offer, including a children’s activity area, stage performances, food demonstrations and other cultural entertainment. The expo will be open daily between 10 am and 6 pm and a total of 87 different exhibitors are expected. You can learn more on the event website.

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