New Research Reveals Kiwi Expats are Heading Back Home

Kiwi expatriates are heading back to New Zealand in their droves to avoid economic problems in Europe.

Research by TrackMeBack, an online job resource for expatriates who wish to work in Australia and New Zealand, Kiwi expatriates abroad are experiencing increasing difficulties finding work overseas and are now heading home for better job opportunities.

According to the recruitment site, New Zealand now offers more economic stability and continued jobs growth than Europe and is subsequently luring overseas residents back in their droves. Substantiating their claims, figures released by the UK Home Office reveal that the number of New Zealand citizens taking work permits in Britain have reduced by 40 percent over the past three years.

Benefiting from the trends, have tripled their business since 2010. According to the site, the top ten jobs for expatriates who return to Australia and New Zealand from overseas are in mining, resources, engineering, energy, digital media, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, trades, construction and insurance.

“Many of our expats left home ten years ago with a backpack, thinking they’d be gone for six months! Now they’re returning with a spouse and a family, and they’re looking to settle at home for the long-term,” said Caroline Rafferty from the site.

“When you combine a stalling European economy with tighter UK visa restrictions for Kiwi migrants the case for returning home is pretty compelling for a lot expats.”

Is the research correct? Are you a New Zealand expat who is heading home? Tell us more below: