HSBC Announces the 2012 Expat Explorer Survey

HSBC have announced that this year’s Expat Explorer survey, which will mark the 5th year of the bank’s survey of expatriates throughout the world, will have a brand new look and feel and they are now seeking expats to participate in the research.

Announcing the 2012 research, Dean Blackburn, head of HSBC Expat commented: “The survey has grown from strength to strength. This is the 5th year we’ve run Expat Explorer and we wanted to celebrate this important milestone with a revitalized look to keep it fresh and engaging for expats when they visit the survey.”

“We’ve listened to feedback from the community and we are committed to ensuring that the findings are topical and relevant. 2012 should be an interesting year and we want its story to be told by expats across the globe,” he added, “This year, we’ll be focusing on new, emerging and important issues which matter and asking expats how they’ve fared after the global economic turmoil and social unrest faced in some countries.

“On the more practical side, we’ll be asking for hints and tips on what life is like on the ground to provide the most comprehensive picture, and help the Expat Explorer survey continue to be a valued resource for the expat community.”

This year there will be a particular emphasis on understanding how peoples’ perspectives, lifestyles and outlooks change as a result of their time living overseas.

One of the underlying objectives of this year’s survey will be to understand how peoples’ lifestyles, economic outlook and experience of raising a family abroad have changed following their move to a new country. The bank is encouraging as many expats as possible to participate in the survey in order to ensure that there is a good worldwide coverage and that the fifth year of the research will be bigger and better than ever before.

“The Expat Explorer survey offers a fascinating look into what it’s like to live and work abroad, and provides us as a business invaluable insight into expat life. Last year, the survey revealed that expat finances remain robust in spite of global economic conditions. We’re keen to track how this trend has evolved and developed over the past year. That’s why we’re asking for expats to not only complete the survey themselves, but also encourage them to share it with friends, family and colleagues to help us capture those unique expat insights,” revealed Dean.

Please do check out the new look survey and share your own opinions and experience of life abroad by filling in the Expat Explorer 2012 survey here.