New Site Launches for Out of Work Expatriates

Expatriates living overseas who are finding it difficult to find suitable jobs may now have their prayers answered in the form of a new online meeting place that puts businesses who are seeking to outsource key projects in touch with qualified expatriates who can do the job.

The new site, which is called Expat Workforce, was formed by two travel enthusiasts who recognized that a great deal of talent was going to waste when individuals moved abroad only to find that there were no suitable opportunities to utilize their skills and experiences. Elsewhere start-ups and small and medium businesses were struggling to find affordable resources that could offer solid communication skills and high-quality work output so it made sense to offer a platform on which both groups could meet and do business.

The site is completely free for expats, who can register online and create a profile that details their qualifications, availability, skill set and details of their background. Businesses can post a job description free of charge but must pay a monthly fee if they wish to make contact with any of the advertising expatriates. As well as providing a meeting area for expatriates and businesses, the site also offers a wealth of information about virtual working and freelancing.

Describing his venture, business partner Andrew Motiwalla commented: “If you can tap into this hidden talent pool in a low cost of living country, it’s a win-win – the quality expats with solid experience get great assignments, and the employer gets quality hires at a reduced rate.

“It’s like meets LinkedIn – it hooks you up, you pay a flat usage fee and then you can do the interviews, salary negotiations and final agreements; there is no agency taking a cut. Nowhere else can you find Ivy League employees for $15-20 per hour.”

Although the enterprise is very much in its early stages, Motiwalla is very confident that it will become the go-to site for expatriates and small businesses:

“As we come out of the recession, employers are looking for ways to minimize their payroll expenses while not sacrificing the quality of work. Outsourcing to Americans living abroad is a trend that will only continue as more and more people move overseas,” he said.