Expat Mother’s Day Calling Trends. Which Expats Called Home the Most

Last week VIP communications announced the release of their annual Mother’s Day Calling Trends Report and it provides interesting insights into the calling activities of expatriates throughout the world.

The research, which included expats living in over 100 countries throughout the world, examined the call volumes, average duration of call and calling patterns of over 30,000 expatriate customers. The report reveals that more expatriates phoned home on Mother’s Day in 2011 with an increase in call volume of 40% between this year and last year.

Other major findings:

  • Expatriates living in the USA are the most likely to phone home on Mother’s Day, with a 37% increase in calls taking place on the day itself.
  • Mother’s Day is the third most popular day for expatriates to phone home, beaten only by Christmas in first position and New Year’s Eve in second position.
  • Ghanaians are the most likely expatriates to phone their mothers on Mother’s Day, with there being a spectacular 98% rise in the average number of calls from Ghanaian expats on this day.
  • Expatriates from Eritrea, Jamaica and Zambia are the least likely to pick up the phone and wish their mother a happy Mother’s Day.
  • Expatriates are more likely to phone home on Mother’s Day than they are Father’s Day, with the average calls on Mother’s Day reaching a 37% increase versus a 23% increase on Father’s Day.
  • European expatriate do not place Mother’s Day as high on their agenda as they do Valentine’s Day, with there being no visible increase in calls on Mother’s Day from expats from Italy, France and Spain.