Stricter Expat Employment Rules to be Applied in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia announced plans to introduce stricter Saudization rules, which will entail that stricter rules will be applied to the employment of foreign workers.

The new plans, which were announced just over a week ago, are aimed at tackling Saudi Arabia’s ongoing high unemployment figures by encouraging companies that are operating within the nation to

Speaking to Arab News Saudi Arabia’s Labor Minister Adel Fakieh said of the new rules: “The new program consists of regulations and mechanisms that will change the fundamentals of the job market and seek to achieve incremental employment of Saudis and ban the private sector employing non-Saudis if sufficient local hands are available.

“The ministry will no more allow the employment of non-Saudis denying the rights of the local people. Companies and establishments that do not follow the new recruitment guidelines and regulations will be punished.”

Companies operating within the region will be offered incentives in order to encourage them to apply the new program: “The private sector should not think that the new regulations are against its interests even if a bit harsh and strict,” said Fakieh. “As long as there is fairness, transparency, and commitment from all sides, the new regulations will bring more profit to all.”

Full details of the full rules that will govern the employment of foreign nationals have yet to be announced and it is expected that the information about the new program will be revealed in the next few weeks.