Aaron Eckhart to Play The Expatriate in Bourne-Style Thriller

If life as an Expatriate in Belgium is anything like the scenes that will play out in the forth-coming film The Expatriate, then expats in the country better be careful who they associate with!

Aaron Eckhart has been named as the lead in Philipp Stolzi’s forthcoming film The Expatriate. The Bourne-style thriller will tell the tale on an ex-spy who leaves behind the lifestyle of the agency in order to rebuild his personal life. Opting to live in Belgium, he pursues a career as a security expert for a multinational company and attempts to restore his relationship with his 15-year old daughter.

However, it quickly emerges that life in Belgium isn’t as quite as he would like and he soon victim of an assassin plot that forces him to go on the run.

Who said life as an expat in Belgium was boring?

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