Expat recruitment on the increase in India

Expat recruitment on the increase in India

The past two years has seen an increase in the recruitment of non-resident Indians and expats in India according to reports by Indian newspaper The Financial Express.

“In last two years, most of the companies are hiring non-resident Indians (NRIs) and expats because there is an increase in demand for such skilled professionals.

“Of late, infrastructure in India has improved a lot. Compensation levels have become competitive as per the cost of living and good availability of healthcare and education services are attracting most NRIs to look back at opportunities in their own country,” executive search firm GlobalHunt India Director Sunil Goel was quoted as saying in the newspaper.

His views were supported by the opinion of India K Sudarshan from EMA Partners International who commented “Over the last few years expats are more than happy to come to India largely because of the fact that Indian companies are globalizing, people now want to be part of the India growth story and compensation level is very competitive.”

According to research findings the majority of the jobs available for expatriates are currently based in the banking and financial services industries, with positions provided to expatriates currently being between five and six times that which they were in 2007. The pharmaceutical industry is also heavily recruiting people from overseas and jobs provided to expatriates in this industry has increased by ten times in the last two years. There are also a large number of positions appearing in the automobile industry, which has increased its recruitment of expatriates by almost three times in the last two years.

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